Where Quality Starts and Served Never Ends!

It started long ago when our firm’s owner needed to support himself through college – that is when he picked up the paintbrush. To ensure he would be hired for more jobs, he made 100% certain that his work was the best it could possibly be. To make a long story short, on top of his preexisting training, his work proved to be extremely high quality, so much so that he decided to go into business more than 30 years ago. We have not looked back since then, and we now feature a very successful business boasting more than 75 employees so that we can meet the demands for the residents in the Annapolis, Baltimore and the Washington DC Metro regions.

Our clients love us because we proficiently handle all painting requests, both internal and external, for a myriad of properties. No job is too large or small, and they include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, real estate projects and more. It is all about making your property look its best, which is why we handle related tasks such as:

Minor repairs/carpentry
Interior & Exterior painting
Drywall repair & installation
Roofing repair & installation
Siding repair & installation
Pressure washing
Plus many more services

We could not have embedded ourselves in this community for so long without absolute top-quality work, so let’s get started on beautifying those walls!

Coverage of all property at risk of splatters, flecks and spills
Safe pressure washing for exterior walls
Cleaning of surfaces before painting (when necessary)
Masking lighting fixtures, appliances and windows
Removal of peeling paint and rust
Disposal of hazardous materials according to regulation
Removal of any paint splatters

Prime scratched or scraped surfaces
Daily cleanups of floors and surfaces (zero mess left behind)
Stash curtains and blinds before painting
Sanding when needed
Repair nail pops along siding
Caulking (when needed)
Replace removed items

Thousands of Successful Painting Projects